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Cross-Cultural + Competence

We partner with organizations to help them maximize performance by building culturally intelligent systems, teams, and talent.


Sample Training & Workshop Topics

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Corporate Strategy

  • Build the cultural and linguistic competency of your employee-base. Our team will work alongside your staff in training & development, talent & acquisition, human resources, and/or inclusion & diversity to develop learning solutions to close the communications skills gap. 

Cultural Intelligence for Emerging and Global Leaders

  • Cultural intelligence (CQ) provides insights about individual capabilities to cope with multi-cultural situations, engage in cross-cultural interactions, and perform in culturally diverse work groups. Assess your workforce to better understand the gaps. Discover your global potential.

*Certified through the Cultural Intelligence Center. 


Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Learn tips and strategies on how to more effectively communicate across cultures. How is cultural understanding impacted by our verbal and non-verbal actions? Are differences in communication styles causing misunderstanding and conflict among your team members?

Global Team Building

  • Learn how our cultural orientations shape  the way we view and react to others. Tension resulting from cultural differences is eminent in multicultural teams. Do your culturally diverse work groups such as global sales and IT teams have the skills needed to prevent or resolve the conflicts as they arise?   

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